TM (US Pat. 6,702,688)

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The ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688) will teach you to make a pure, smoothly accelerating stroke in minutes.

The EASIEST and QUICKEST way to lower your scores is to make more putts in the 25 foot and under range.

Think about how many strokes you could save if you made more of those 3 to 25 foot putts for birdie - or to save par or bogey. Watch golfer's that are good putters and you'll notice that virtually every one of them has a SMOOTHLY ACCELERATING, PENDULUM putting stroke. Now you can bring those same qualities to your stroke.

How It Works (Click for Instructions)
  • You simply attach it to your putter (click for instructions) and then place a ball in the opening (as shown).
  • Rock it back and forth a couple of times to get a feel for making a pendulum stroke (keeping the bottom of the putter off the ground).
  • Then simply make a normal putting stroke and roll the ball towards the target.
  • What it Does
    As you finish your forward stroke the putter head rises and releases the ball towards the hole teaching you to make a smoothly accelerating, pendulum putting stroke. In other words you learn to gradually accelerate the putter head down the target line. You'll be amazed at how QUICKLY this natural motion becomes a part of your putting stroke.

    How It Helps You (Click for more Detail)
    Learning to putt with an acclerating stroke helps you to eliminate pushes and pulls while also preventing you from decelerating or quitting on the stroke. It also helps if you're having problems with tempo and/or distance control and it trains you to keep the bottom of the putter from contacting the ground (how many times have we all missed a very makeable putt simply because we scuffed the putter against the ground during the stroke).

    What Makes it a Great Training Aid & Gift Idea
  • Great Value!
  • Easy to Use and It Provides Immediate Feedback and Improvement!
  • Attaches to ANY putter and can be used right or left handed! (Click to See)
  • Small and Lightweight - You can easily keep it in your golf bag for use before a round
  • Makes an Excellent Gift! - It's the perfect golf gift for under $20
  • Quality construction - Made of high impact ABS plastic, clear with a green tint for minimal distraction
  • It doesn't change the "feel" of your putter