Read what Golf International Magazine has to say about the ULTIMATE Putting Aid in their recent article about putting aids and trainers by Stuart Smith - Golf International Contributing Professional

"This simple plastic device enables you to work on the "Release" which promotes the smooth acceleration of the putter-head all the way through to the hole. The principle of releasing the ball to check the alignment of your putter-face as you roll the ball towards the hole is a sound one. The ULTIMATE Putting Aid does exactly what it says on the box."

"Fits to any make of putter and also makes a cheap and cheerful gift idea!"

Also some quotes from satisfied customers.

"A great tool for teaching and learning both distance control and how to roll the ball properly off of the putter face. Best of all, you can use your own putter!" - Mark Cunningham, Golf Teacher - Austin Texas.

"It teaches you to makes a smooth accelerating stroke and to release the putter through the ball" - B. Blake, Westchester, CA.