The ULTIMATE Putting Aid. The best golf putting training aid available

The ULTIMATE Putting Aid is the one golf putting training aid that will immediately improve your putting stroke and your golf game and let you take your pactice game to the golf course. Everyone knows one of the most important scoring golf clubs in their golf bag is the putter. For most golfers the putter represents the best opportunity to improve their ability to "get the golf ball in the hole".

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What's the easiest way to improve your golf score? Make more of the scoring putts? You know - the ones between 3 and 25 feet. Buy the ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688) - It's SIMPLE and it comes with a Money Back Guarantee!    CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!!
  • Put it on the putter
  • Put a ball in the center
  • Practice rolling it to the hole.
  • And it WORKS! You'll immediately start making a more of those crucial scoring putts. CLICK HERE to find out more about the BEST putting aid available or CLICK HERE to go to The Pro Shop and get yours now! Only $15.95
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    Feel free to contact us at or call us toll free at 866-448-PUTT (866-448-7888) or 805 924 1600.
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