How to Use Your ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688)

After attaching the ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688) to your putter you place the ball in the hole in the center. You should rock the putter head back and forth similar to a practice stroke. While you do this try and keep the putter head from touching the putting surface. Now try a putting stroke. It's as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
From your normal putting position hold the putter head slightly off the ground and then "Rock" the putter back and forth a couple of times in order to get the feel of a true pendulum stroke. If the ball releases behind you then you are raising the putter head too much on the backswing. Remember to take it back "Low and Slow" 
Step 2
Then take the putter back and make a smoothly accelerating forward stroke towards the target keeping the point of the ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688) pointing down the target line

Step 3
As you finish your forward stroke the putter head should rise and release the ball towards the target. To make a proper stroke you'll need to accelerate the putter head and roll the ball.

Be sure and notice the roll. The ball should have a smooth, evenly paced roll.

This smooth rolling motion ingrains the feeling of an accelerating putting stroke and you'll begin to roll the ball instead of striking at it. You'll see an immediate improvement in tempo and speed control. After a few minutes remove the ULTIMATE Putting Aid TM (US Pat. 6,702,688) and try a few putts. You'll feel the difference in your stroke and begin making the same smooth rolling putts.